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Monday, October 31, 2005

Simple Constructs in Ruby

What have I found out so far?
  • Definition of Ruby
  • Ruby Windows Installer
  • Interactive Ruby - Open a new DOS window and type irb --simple-prompt A prompt appears as >>
  • Run a Ruby program by typing ruby hello.rb
  • Learnt some features of Ruby like comments, naming rules, variables, constants, strings etc.
  • Various Text Editors/IDEs like SciTE, NotePad2
Today, we shall explore some simple constructs available in Ruby. The example below illustrates the if else construct.
# if else
var = 5
if var > 4
puts "variable is greater than 4"
puts "I can have multiple statements here"
if var == 5
puts "nested if else possible"
puts "too cool"
puts "variable is not greater than 5"
puts "I can have multiple statements here"
Some common conditional operators are: ==, != >=, <=, >, <

Loops like the while are available. Again, the example below illustrates the same.
# Loops
var = 0
while var < 10
puts var.to_s
var += 1

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